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around nature

An ecologically renovated vacation house for 8-10 persons, if necessary divisible into two vacation apartments for 4 and 6 persons – surrounded by forest, meadows and waters invite you to a simply beautiful vacation.

The object is especially suitable for allergy sufferers. The lower floor is largely barrier-free. Our solar plant produces plenty of green electricity. Organic waste is composted, wastewater is treated in a constructed wetland in the garden and kept in the landscape. For the cold season, the house is insulated with a thick layer of flax. Guests can further reduce gas consumption by operating the large fireplace stove.

Vacation home operator Thomas Volpers is a qualified biologist and nature park expert. At home in the Uckermark since 1993 as a nature conservation consultant, nature guide and landscape planner, he knows the most beautiful places in our three National Natural Landscapes. For families, groups or individually, a bicycle, hiking or canoe tour will take you to the beavers, bats or frogs & toads – in any case, you will experience nature up close. Even if you want to learn more about the carnivorous plants in the moor, our impressive forests or the origin of dune and heath – together you will find the right tour in the Uckermark Lakes Nature Park, the Schorfheide-Chorin Biosphere Reserve or the Lower Oder Valley National Park.

For travel and transportation on site as well as for nature tours we recommend to avoid the car if possible. The own feet, rental bike or canoe are in the Uckermark hip means of transportation. A transfer including luggage transport from Templin train station by car or bike is possible.

The house is climate friendly because we have

  • have used natural building materials: Clay interior plaster, wooden furniture, wooden exterior formwork.
  • have insulated with flax as a natural material from Brandenburg
  • Produce solar power and purchase 100% green power on demand
  • reduce gas consumption with an additional fireplace
  • do without a freezer
  • Organize rental bikes
  • pick up our guests from the train station
  • offer a shopping service (health food store, market) for our guests
  • Start activities like nature tours directly from the cottage
  • official battery charging station for e-bikes are
  • design our garden close to nature and use rainwater for watering


This business picks up its guests from the train station in Templin on request, arranges bike rentals and has bus schedules and tour suggestions for day trips ready.

Regional products

This farm strives to use only products from the region or organic products. All animal products come from species-appropriate husbandry.

Climate neutral operation

This company offsets its unavoidable CO2 emissions via the MoorFutures project.

Ecological expansion/ building ecology

This company has already used natural building materials and recyclable materials in the construction phase.

Tours and travel offers

This farm is run by Thomas Volpers – certified nature and landscape guide. It offers its guests guided nature tours on foot, by bike or by canoe.



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