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celine active travel

A hiking experience of a special kind – with a donkey as a cozy companion and load carrier. At 3-5 km/h, it goes through the gently rolling landscape of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Schorfheide-Chorin.

Enjoy nature and landscape, observe animals and stay overnight with regional hosts. But going on a donkey hike also means adjusting to the shaggy companions, taking breaks and letting them graze. In order to increase the local added value, we use local structures, stay mainly in privately run, small accommodations that adapt to local conditions and offer guests regional cuisine, mostly in organic quality and from our own farm.

The routes vary from 7 to 22 kilometers a day. At the overnight stops, guests can expect very simple beds (from wooden houses to farm rooms) and a rich, varied and hot meal including a house drink. After a hearty breakfast, guests will receive a packed lunch for the day and hike to their next stop.

The tours, which last several days, start in the small village of Suckow. If necessary, an additional overnight stay can be arranged before or after the tour. The journey by bus & train is conveniently possible. Alternatively, there is a shuttle service from the train station.

Our donkey walks are climate friendly, because

  • the guests move around on foot and thus non-motorized
  • our guests stay overnight with regional, privately run hosts
  • we use refillable lunch boxes and guests use their own drinking bottles and refill them, thus avoiding waste
  • we fill our lunch boxes with mainly regional and/or organic products
  • guests take sleeping bags and towels with them on the tour, saving water, detergent and electricity
  • we purchase exclusively green electricity
  • our pasture farm is powered only by solar energy


This company picks up its guests from the train station on request. The rest of the tour is based on muscle-powered locomotion.

Regional products

This farm uses up to 75% regional or organic products.

Tours and travel offers

This business is run by Katrin van Zwoll. It offers guests nature adventure hikes with donkeys.



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