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Connection to Szczecin

approx. 25 km
Cycle route
Start: Tantow, train station; Finish: Szczecin
Marking: none

Whether as an excursion directly to the Polish metropolis or as a short detour from the Oder-Neisse Cycle Route.

In 2021, the “Green Border / Zielona Granica” cycle path was built along the border strip, creating the missing link between Szczecin and the Oder-Neisse cycle path. You can find the flyer on the German-Polish Cycle Route Crossing and the junctions here:
Green Border – German-Polish Cycle Route Crossing

From Tantow station:

Option 1: Cycle along the Oder-Neisse cycle path from Tantow station towards Neuroschlitz. At junction 63 near Neuroschlitz, follow the road towards Staffelde. At junction 69, turn onto the “Grüne Grenze / Zielona Granica” cycle path towards Rosow (junction 3). The cycle path continues via Rosówek and Kolbaskowo to Szczecin.

Option 2: At the turn-off of the Oder-Neisse cycle path towards Neurochlitz (junction 63), leave the path and continue straight on towards Rosow. In Rosow, keep left at the church and then turn right again after approx. 50 m. Keep right on the cycle path in the direction of Neurosow. From Neurosow follow the road to Kolbaskowo. From Kolbaskowo mainly on a separate cycle path to the city limits of Szczecin.

From Mescherin:

Option 1: Simply cycle along the Oder-Neisse cycle path until after Staffelde. At the rest area and junction 69, follow the “Grüne Grenze / Zielona Granica” cycle path and the “Blue Velo” cycle path to junction 3 near Rosow, continuing in the direction of Szczecin.

Option 2 (more suitable for mountain bikes, forest path): From the “green border” with Poland, turn right towards Pargowo and cycle along the Polish cycle path “Seeadlerroute / Szlak Bielika” through the nature reserve to Siadlo Dolne. There are several viewpoints of the Lower Oder Valley and rest stops along this route.


From Tantow station

Variant 1: 66 – 63 -69 – 3

Variant 2: 66 – 63 – 64 – 3

From Mescherin

Variant 1: 62 – 69 – 3

Arrival & Departure

  • Arrival
    Public transport: RE66/RB66 Tantow
  • Departure
    Public transport: RE66/RB66 Szczecin (Szczecin Głowny)
  • Tour planning at: www.vbb.de or www.wirbewegensie.de



Touristinformation Schwedt/Oder


Green border

German-Polish cycle path intersection as a link between the Oder-Neisse cycle path and Szczecin.

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