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river landscape travel

Canoeing, hiking and biking are per se climate-friendly. Frauke Bennett’s tour offerings go beyond that. They are nature-compatible, ecological, economically viable as well as regionally networked.

Guided canoe tour on the tracks of the beaver – a day in the wilderness of the Lower Oder Valley. Slowly we paddle through an almost untouched floodplain landscape that is unparalleled anywhere in Europe. Here and there we pause to marvel at the world on the shore, to take something out of the water and look at it more closely, to listen to the call of a bird or to watch its flight. Halfway through the tour we will have a picnic lunch before continuing the round trip through the winding waterways. In a group, family or individually – we always sail only a manageable number of boats. Our smooth-running canoes also allow families with children, beginners and the inexperienced to enjoy a very special day on the water.

An extraordinary experience are also our canoe tours into the sunset and at full moon, when the world at the water is bathed in a silvery light. With canoe, nature and landscape guide Frauke Bennett. Graduate geographer and tour guide.

You can also rent canoes from us and equipped with a reliable map explore the waterways by yourself for one or more days.

Guided hikes through the Lower Oder Valley National Park: A landscape that has such diverse and small-scale biotopes should also be explored and discovered on foot. From the frogs, dragonflies, beavers and sea eagles of the river floodplain up to the mixed forests and dry grasslands of the hilly landscape of the last ice age, we encounter an impressive variety of species.

Our offers are climate-friendly because we:

  • travel exclusively by muscle-powered boats, or walk
  • Use reusable, repairable and, as far as possible, ecologically sound materials
  • Only use green electricity in our company and privately used buildings.
  • produce solar power yourself
  • Save water (use rainwater, save drinking water)
  • prefer regional cuisine and products in our trips
  • communicate in our offers bus and train travel
  • are well networked with sustainably managed accommodation providers and restaurants in the immediate vicinity
  • plan our own routes by motor vehicle as efficiently as possible when transporting boats

Renewable energies

This company tries to use only products from the region or organic products for tours lasting several days.

Regional products

This company tries to use only products from the region or organic products for tours lasting several days.

Tours and travel offers

This farm is run by Frauke de Vere Bennett – certified nature and landscape guide. It offers guests guided nature tours on foot, by canoe.


This business picks up its guests from the train station on request, arranges rental bicycles for excursions and has bus schedules and tour suggestions for day trips.



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