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Liesje trecking

Experience an unforgettable vacation in a covered wagon, pulled by a gentle giant. Being outside, waking up in a different place every morning and enjoying the beautiful Uckermark. The spacious covered wagons can accommodate four people. The cold-blooded horses are trained carriage and riding horses.

Switch off from everyday life for once and fall in love with the eyes of cold-blooded animals. This is possible with a vacation in a covered wagon from Liesje Trecking, as well as day carriages can be rented for a one-day excursion or a hike with a horse can be organized. Each tour starts with a briefing with the horse and carriage before the adventure with the family starts. Vacation with covered wagon is possible for four to max. five people, the car is equipped with everything you need for a four- to seven-day vacation.

On the premises of Liesje Trecking in Fredenwalde there are also hobby cabins and several construction trailers available for a vacation. The rustic cabins were built with love and offer space for 4-5 people with their self-built, thoughtfully designed furniture. On the premises there is outdoor shower with hot water and beautiful view of the paddock and wide fields, compost separation toilet and covered kitchen with refrigerator, gas stove, coffee maker, kettle and dishes. The “Take Me Shelf” prevents food waste, guests who do not want to take their leftover food leave it there for the next guests. As far as the forest fire level allows, the fire bowl invites to a campfire. For the grill Liesje Trecking offers barbecue, sausage and meat from the region.

Our offer is climate-friendly because we

  • completely supply ourselves with electricity with the help of a solar system on the roof of the stable building
  • Offer nature experience with only 1 hp
  • provide our horses with organic hay and oats and keep them in an open stable with plenty of exercise and fresh grass
  • have used mainly wood for the (re)construction of the shelters (site trailers and hobby huts)
  • share technical equipment in the kitchen
  • have equipped the sanitary facility with a compost separation toilet, i.e. no waste water and the leftovers become humus and fertilizer
  • offer our guests a transfer from the train station and rental bikes
  • Have created shelter /nesting opportunities for animals (e.g. reading stone piles for reptiles).

Ecological expansion/ building ecology

This company has already used natural building materials and recyclable materials in the construction phase.

Renewable energies

This farm generates its own electricity through a photovoltaic system.


This business picks up its guests from the train station on request, offers rental bikes for excursions and a shopping service.

Tours and travel offers

Covered wagon vacation, day trips with the carriage or hikes with a horse



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