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1,600 km of designated cycle paths

Cycling in the Uckermark

More than 1,600 km of cycle paths offer plenty of opportunities for active nature lovers
in the Uckermark.

The Uckermark, very close to Berlin, is ideal for a tour, as the landscape here in the north of Brandenburg is predominantly flat and you can forget all stress far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The varied landscape of the region means that cycling is not just a sport. Relaxation and discovery are also two unavoidable companions on a bike tour. If you want to avoid excessive exertion on vacation, you can also rent an e-bike in many places in the Uckermark. But mountain bikers will also have fun here and have the opportunity to put their skills to the test.

Information on taking bicycles on the train (VBB)


Due to construction work, the section from Friedrichsthal to Gartz (Oder) is being diverted. The detour, partly on paved roads, is signposted.

View the detour to the Oder-Neisse cycle path here.

Long-distance cycle routes

Uckermark cycle route

The Uckermark Cycle Trail leads through the Uckermark Lakes Nature Park, the Schorfheide-Chorin Biosphere Reserve and the Lower Oder Valley National Park.
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Oder-Neisse Cycle Route

From the source of the Neisse in Nová Ves in the Czech Republic to Ahlbeck on Usedom, the route runs 630 kilometers from the Jizera Mountains along the German-Polish border to the Baltic Sea - an eventful journey!
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Berlin-Usedom long-distance cycle route

From the German capital Berlin to the Baltic seaside resort of Ahlbeck on Usedom, the 350 km long-distance cycle route leads 72 km through the Uckermark.
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Day tours

Cycle Tour around lake Lübbesee

Templin is embedded in a lake landscape created by the ice age. Cycle Tour around lake Lübbesee, which is 12 km long.
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Oberuckersee lake tour

The 25 km long lake tour through the Schorfheide-Chorin biosphere reserve leads around the Oberuckersee ...
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Trail of stones

Over 50 km through the "stone-rich" Uckermark. From Templin, Warthe via Boitzenburg to Fürstenwerder.
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Uckermark cycle route: Day tour Lychen – Templin

On the Uckermark cycle route from the rafting town of Lychen to historic Templin...
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Lake tour Unteruckersee

Tour tip for families with beautiful natural bathing spots, picnic areas and lots of views...
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Uckermark cycle route: Day tour Seehausen – Prenzlau

On the Uckermark cycle route from Seehausen on the Oberuckersee to Prenzlau on the Unteruckersee...
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Uckermark cycle route: Day tour Fürstenwerder – Lychen

On the Uckermark cycle route from Fürstenwerder to the rafting town of Lychen ...
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Uckermark cycle route: day trip Schwedt/Oder – Seehausen

On the Uckermark cycle route from the national park town of Schwedt/Oder to Seehausen on the Oberuckersee ...
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Glassworks tour

Cycle 30 km and experience culture: On the glassworks tour from Templin to Annenwalde.
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Moated castle in Gerswalde

Tour around Gerswalde

The 24 km tour takes us through the hilly landscape around Gerswalde...
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Museum tour

Around 50 km through the Uckermark and on the trail of history ...
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Connection to Szczecin

The connection to the Polish metropolis directly from the Oder-Neisse cycle path...
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Uckermark Cycle Route: Day tour Boitzenburg – Fürstenwerder

On the way on the Uckermark cycle route from Boitzenburg to Fürstenwerder ...
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Connection to Gryfino

From Mescherin, it's just a short detour over the West Oder Bridge to Gryfino.
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Day tour Brüssow

The day tour to Brüssow takes us from Prenzlau along the road to Carmzow, then through the wide hilly landscape over moorland to Brüssow.
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Lords of the manor bike tour

The Gutsherrenradtour leads along paths and roads that the horse-drawn carriages and coaches of the old Uckermarkers used to follow...
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Uckermark cycle route: Day tour Angermünde – Schwedt

On the Uckermark cycle route from Angermünde to the national park town of Schwedt/Oder
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Oder-Neisse cycle route: Day trip Schwedt – Löcknitz

On the Uckermark cycle route from Schwedt an der Oder to Angermünde ...
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Nature Park Tour North

Cycle 107 km through the northern part of the Uckermark Lakes Nature Park ...
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Wind turbine tour

50 km through the north of the Uckermark along small and large wind turbines ...
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Uckermark cycle route: Day tour Prenzlau – Boitzenburg

On the road on the Uckermark cycle route from Prenzlau to Boitzenburg ...
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Nature Park Tour South

The circular tour leads through the Templiner and Lychener Seenkreuz in the southern part of the Uckermärkische Seen Nature Park.
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Crane bike tour

The crane bike tour leads through the Lower Oder Valley, the only floodplain national park in Germany that is also a crane resting area ...
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Uckermark Cycle Route: Day tour Templin – Angermünde

On the Uckermark cycle route from the historic old town of Templin to the historic old town of Angermünde...
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Junction at the cycle path, photo Anet Hoppe (CC BY-NC-ND)

Junction signage

Cycling signage in the Uckermark is supplemented by junction signage. A junction consists of the junction number, the direction signs to the next destination and an overview map for orientation. An overview map of the Uckermark with the junctions and tour tips can be downloaded HERE. The tourist cycle routes are highlighted in green on the map and are supplemented by the junction signposting. This means that individual tours can also be put together. >> Uckermark overview map junctions

Bicycle rentals

in the Uckermark


Bicycle-friendly accommodation


Rentals, charging stations & tour tips

Bicycle service

Workshop and repair

Tips & Dates

Cycling in the Uckermark

Prenzlau Hill Marathon

October 05, 2024: 5 different bike tours for all levels, from family tour to performance tour to bike marathon, everything is included.
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Pure nature – cycling without luggage

A delightful 5-day cycle tour from Angermünde through the Uckermark, including luggage transfer and overnight stays.
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Guided cycle tour in the Uckermark Lakes Nature Park

Discover the Zerweliner Heide and Boitzenburg in the Uckermärkische Seen Nature Park on a guided bike tour with Uta Zahn.
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5-day bike tour with luggage transfer


Cycle tour with pampering program in the NaturThermeTemplin

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