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Uckermark cycle route

260 km (30 km cross-connection)
Cycle circuit. can be cycled in stages
Start/finish: e.g. Prenzlau
Marking: Uckermark Cycle Route logo

The Uckermark Cycle Route runs for 260 km through the Uckermark Lakes Nature Park, the Schorfheide-Chorin Biosphere Reserve and the Lower Oder Valley National Park. A tour for real nature lovers. The southern section of the Uckermark cycle route (Lychen-Templin-Angermünde-Schwedt) is better developed (mostly separate and asphalted cycle path, car-free). On the other sections, the cycle route runs partly on country roads, cobblestones or short sections of field and forest paths (highly dependent on weather conditions). The Uckermark cycle route is an easy circular tour with a length of 260 km.

Cross connection (30 km): From Potzlow there is the option of using the cross connection directly to Templin (30 km). To do this, follow the signs in the village in the direction of Fergitz to Suckow. At the entrance to Suckow, turn right towards Gerswalde. In the village, continue left via Berkenlatten – Friedenfelde – Groß Kölpin – Milmersdorf – Ahrensdorf directly to Templin.

Note on restrictions on the Uckermark Cycle Route: Due to construction work at the Passow level crossing, it will be impassable until June 2023 and the cycle route will be rerouted. The detour is from Passow via the L28 to Schönermark, from there via the L285 to Biesenbrow, then via Leopoldsthal to Polßen and from here via the country road to Zichow. (23 km)


  • Prenzlau: St. Mary’s Church, Dominican monastery, Ucker promenade, passenger ship
  • Boitzenburg: monastery mill, ruins of the Cistercian monastery, castle, stables with chocolate foam factory, Temple of Apollo, hereditary burial ground
  • Fürstenwerder: local history museum with tourist information, town wall and erratic boulder garden with a great view of the lake
  • Retzow: Exotic art garden of the Nagel family
  • Lychen: Raft trips, Atelier Michaela Ambellan, Atelier Jutta Siebert, Café Kunstpause
  • Alt Placht: A little church in the countryside
  • Templin: historic old town, town wall with gates and towers, museum of town history
  • Glambeck: Bicycle church
  • Blumberger Mühle: NABU nature experience center, fish ponds
  • Angermünde: historic old town, sculptures on the Mündesee lake, Franciscan monastery church, Haus Uckermark with museum
  • Stolpe: Stolpe tower “Grützpott”, view of the Lower Oder Valley
  • Criewen: Lower Oder Valley National Park Visitor Center, castle with Lenné Park
  • Schwedt: Uckermärkische Bühnen Schwedt, town museum, Jewish museum with ritual bath, façade art in the town
  • Vierraden: Tobacco museum, tobacco factory with café
  • Gramzow: oldest town in the Uckermark, railroad museum, monastery ruins, SPEICHER GRAMZOW – industrial monument and place of art
  • Seehausen: Center of the Uckermark between Seehausen and Potzlow

Route description

The start is in Prenzlau, for example. From the district town, take the cycle path along the B 198 towards Neubrandenburg as far as the Klinkow junction. A quiet country road leads through the village to Basedow. At the crossroads after leaving the town, turn left to Güstow. Here you cross the main road and follow a scenic, quiet district road to Gollmitz. At the crossroads, follow the road towards Boitzenburg. At the end of the town, stay on the country road via Berkholz to Boitzenburg (note: moderately busy). From Boitzenburg to Warbende, the route is identical to the Spur der Steine cycle path. After Boitzenburg, the route leads along a partly bumpy country road through Kastanienallee. Continue in the direction of Krewitz via the Roter Ochse rest area. Bends through woods and fields take cyclists via Weggun and Parmen to Fürstenwerder (48 km). From the village, the tour leads along a side road and then along a country lane to Schulzenhof. Almost mountainous landscape. A short stretch of cobblestones leads from the former estate to the country road. Continue left through an avenue of ash trees towards Fiebigershof. Shortly before the village, the cyclist turns left onto a country lane. Depending on the weather, the route runs through hilly fields and forests past the Großer Parmensee lake to Warbende. From there, follow the country road to Lichtenberg and along the Breite Luzin to Feldberg. At the end of Feldberg, head towards Leaven. You reach Triepkendorf (69 km) through large trees on gravel. The route via Hasselförde, Rutenberg and Retzow leads along a narrow asphalt road and asphalted cycle path past four lakes to Lychen (83 km). Close to the shores of Zenssee and Platkowsee, the route follows an easy forest path and asphalt to Alt Placht. Cycle past the Glambecksee lake to Gandenitz (93 km). At the end of the village, a paved cycle path leads through the forest, across the country road and through the fields to the thermal brine spa town of Templin (103 km). >> Cycle between Templin and Angermünde on Route 1 of the Historic Town Centers cycle route.
The cycle path parallel to the Lübbesee takes you to Ahlimbsmühle (113 km). There you meet the state road 100, which you follow parallel on the cycle path to the entrance to Gollin. At the entrance to the village, turn left towards Reiersdorf. The cycle path leads through dark pines and sparse oaks to the roadside village of Friedrichswalde (124 km). At the ice cream parlor in the middle of the village, you turn left onto a narrow road, see the Krummen See flashing through the trees and later plunge into a dense spruce forest. Up to the road to Parlow (129 km) and Glambeck. Between the two places, he comes across the trail of the village of Mellin, which has disappeared along with the lake. From Glambeck to Blumberger Mühle, the route is now identical to the Berlin-Usedom long-distance cycle route . The route leads to Wolletz (142 km) and on to the Blumberger Mühle mill via well-maintained asphalt roads. In the NABU Nature Experience Center, the German Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union shows the great diversity of the Schorfheide-Chorin Biosphere Reserve in a small space. The cycle path continues via Kerkow with its organic farm store and crosses the main road 198 in the village. The cycle path is replaced by a small section of country road, which is followed by a cycle path along the estuary lake. In the company of millions of years old boulders, from which artists from all over the world have carved stone sculptures, the cyclist reaches the renovated historic old town center of Angermünde (152 km). There he heads towards Bad Freienwalde. From Herzsprung on Lake Parstein, the cycle path winds its way hilly through woods and fields to Neukünkendorf (164 km). The route winds its way through an avenue of fruit trees to Gellmersdorf and on to Stolpe/Oder (169.5 km). The tour continues north on the Oder-Neisse cycle path via Stützkow to Criewen. Via Zützen and Schwedt/Oder (186.5 km) to Gatow (196 km). Here you also leave the Oder-Neisse cycle path. From here to the Stendell/Jamikow junction, the route follows the Crane Cycle Tour. The route continues to the tobacco town of Vierraden. From there, the route continues on side roads to Blumenhagen. In Blumenhagen, we follow the country road via Hohenfelde, Kunow, Niedernfelde and on towards Kummerow. We drive to the next intersection. There we follow the road to the left towards Stendell and continue towards the B166. Attention: the crossing is unsecured. Pass Herrenhof and turn right at the rest area along a field/forest path to Passow. (The section of road is difficult to drive on due to the weather – an extension is being planned)
In the village we ride to the train station and from there via Wendemark to Zichow. The route continues along the Randown lowlands, via Zichow and Zehnebeck to Gramzow (236 km). The next stops are Koboltenhof (Neumeichow), Blankenburg and finally Seehausen on the Oberuckersee. Cycle along the cycle path via Potzlow, Strehlow, Zollchow and Röpersdorf back to Prenzlau (260 km).

Overnight stay

Food & drink

  • Prenzlau, Gollmitz, Boitzenburg, Parmen, Fürstenwerder, Lychen, Templin, Wolletz, Angermünde, Schwedt/Oder, Passow, Gramzow, Seehausen, Röpersdorf

Condition of the path

  • Country roads, asphalted cycle paths, cobblestone roads mainly with paved verges, short sections of field and forest paths, concrete track slabs
  • The southern section of the Uckermark cycle route (Lychen-Templin-Angermünde-Schwedt/Oder) is very well developed.


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Stages of the Uckermark cycle route

Uckermark cycle route: Day tour Lychen – Templin

On the Uckermark cycle route from the rafting town of Lychen to historic Templin...
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Uckermark cycle route: Day tour Seehausen – Prenzlau

On the Uckermark cycle route from Seehausen on the Oberuckersee to Prenzlau on the Unteruckersee...
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Uckermark cycle route: Day tour Fürstenwerder – Lychen

On the Uckermark cycle route from Fürstenwerder to the rafting town of Lychen ...
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Uckermark cycle route: day trip Schwedt/Oder – Seehausen

On the Uckermark cycle route from the national park town of Schwedt/Oder to Seehausen on the Oberuckersee ...
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Uckermark Cycle Route: Day tour Boitzenburg – Fürstenwerder

On the way on the Uckermark cycle route from Boitzenburg to Fürstenwerder ...
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Uckermark cycle route: Day tour Angermünde – Schwedt

On the Uckermark cycle route from Angermünde to the national park town of Schwedt/Oder
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Uckermark cycle route: Day tour Prenzlau – Boitzenburg

On the road on the Uckermark cycle route from Prenzlau to Boitzenburg ...
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Uckermark Cycle Route: Day tour Templin – Angermünde

On the Uckermark cycle route from the historic old town of Templin to the historic old town of Angermünde...
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  • Public transport: ICE, RB or RE3 to Prenzlau
  • Parking: Parking lot at the train station, at Unteruckersee Neustadt corner Uckerpromenade
  • Tour planning at: www.vbb.de or www.wirbewegensie.de


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